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I offer 1 1/2 - 2 hour private yoga sessions.  The sessions will help you develop more strength and flexibility while refining breath and poses. And, in a private setting, you get sweet assists and adjustments in every pose to promote healing.


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Breath Work Series

Private yoga

experience Lion's Breath Yoga

I am available to teach workshops introducing Forrest Yoga to any yoga studio. This yoga is focused on bringing breath into the body's "stuck places" and holding poses in order to bring healing to the body. The workshops offer a safe introduction with sweet hands on assists and adjustments to optimize healing.


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This series is offered to corporate clients who want to offer their employees a way to target and reduce stress at work and at home.  The Breath Work series involves ten sessions at your office with journaling and an asana practice to help target and reduce areas of stress.


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Lion's Breath is used to expel negative energy and to uplift and intake positive energy.  It's also a little silly looking and that's what my yoga is about - bringing in the positive, getting rid of the negative and having some fun doing it! My last name also means "lion" in German, so it all seemed to fit!  I am currently offering private lessons and workshops. - Elizabeth Lowe